Thrifty Goodness – Baby Bundt Improvisation

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I had some opp shopping serendipity recently. A set of sunflower moulds that I have already found some use for.

I had been eyeing up the baby bundt cakes in Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess. Who really has a set of Baby Bundt Moulds? Surely anything that looks that good, can't really taste so hot? Maybe the icing is hiding something.

Then I saw these silicon moulds at the church sale. There were two and at only 10 cents each I was stoked. While the aren't strictly bundt moulds, the little sunflowers have fiddly petals that look great with icing dribbling over the edges, and most of that top is covered with icing anyway.

It was a friends 30th birthday last week. I had thought about picking some flowers from my mother's place. The roses are in their last flush and the dahlias are looking great. Despite all their glory it felt like cheating to give flowers that I hadn't grown myself so I got to thinking and came up with a box of bundt cakes.

While on the thrifting tangent, the days of the week bibs are finally underway. Miss Saturday has been framed, so to speak.

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