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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I wasn't supposed to have a sewing room, but now my sewing room has a couch. When we replaced the carpet with lino, it was to let a little someone or two eat, paint or play with water there. Now that the couch is there I had to sort some stuff out again.

At the time we moved in, little e was nowhere near mobile and I needed to unpack my sewing machine for sanity's sake. Gradually, I took over.

The room was finally unpacked properly when we had relatives come to stay some six months later. Sorting it out was a mammoth task, ending with only one box of WISPs and a vow to get some finished. I dread the sorting out because some projects I'm “just not that into”, some give me a guilt trip (a wedding quilt that is 2 years over due) and some I still have good intentions for, really.

Last weekend as I started on the mammoth task again, I was left wondering what was going on. Yes, I have finished some stuff this year but, there are still 11 projects to finish in the box. I'm not sure if the star quilt along counts, because that is laid flat in a drawer somewhere else.

Anyway, now there is a couch too. It sits across the windows and looks out to the garden. For all the frustration of clearing out and tidying up, it sure feels nice to sit in the sun and think about sewing.

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  2. So is this your sewing room? so many windows , love it.


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