Ben and Paula's Quilt

Monday, January 05, 2009

Before whisking away the quilt in the header block, I thought I should tell you what it is. This is Ben and Paula's Wedding Quilt, made for their wedding in 2006.

When I made this quilt I was excited about some of the blanket based works that I saw in the Native Industries store in Kingsland. As usual, I thought "I can do that" and set out to make the quilt far more complicated than the originals.

Of course there was stealth involved. Paula always spoke very highly of her boarding school and so we had to find out which one is was without asking directly. The finished quilt incorporates parts of the national flags for both Ben and Paula – Southern Cross and St George's Cross as well as their school emblems and the fabric offcuts from many, many, woollen skirts and trousers.

The back is simply knotted and looks slightly like a cloak. I couldn't bring myself to trim of those blue lines that are so common in old NZ blankets and hence some of the wobbly edges. If I were to make another, I would wash and block the backing blanket first to avoid the warped edges.

One day I'd like to make another, perhaps with our own family stories and symbols sewn into it.

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  1. That is fantastic. I love quilts that tell a story.

  2. I have always really liked the stars on it, looks like you have had a great time at the beach. xx

  3. That's such a cool quilt.. I have often looked at the stuff in the Kingsland store too and thought, "yeah, I could make that." Thus far haven't got around to anything. In my dreams.

  4. Wow! How clever are you! Thanks for dropping by my blog and the kind comments!
    ;) Carole


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