Park Slope and Scoot Bike

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I’ve fallen for this lovely Park Slope fabric. The navy blue print simply whispered “little girl’s pinafore” to me and I had to leave the shop with some. I toyed with the idea of making a quilt but in reality, the dress was all I could reliably finish at the moment.

This thrifted Tri-ang bike has recently been rechristened scoot bike. At first it was for sitting on and being pushed. Now, she can scoot to her heart’s content. She has even perfected the scoot dance move. It consists of holding your hands up, like they are on the handle bars, and scooting with one leg.

The pattern is the Ollie + S pop-over dress from April’s Sew Hip magazine. The pattern was superbly quick to make. I was able to cut the dress out using only half of the printed fabric requirement. This leaves me with some extra to make a quilt, but that will have to be next weeks Sunday stash.

edit: I have just found a link to the dress pattern via whip up. How cool is that?

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  1. that is totally gorgeous fabric - perfect for a little girl's dress!

  2. the dress is lovely, the baby is gorgeous, and I am green with envy over the bike! I love vintage bikes ... and Park Slope fabric - it's one of my favourite fabric lines.

  3. I just got some of that Park Slope fabric recently too. Love it!

    I have that issue of Sew Hip as well for that O+S dress. I have it all ready to sew...just need to find time to hit the sewing machine.


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