Little Sketches in My Bag

Monday, May 24, 2010

These little sketches have found their way into my daily commute. They fit so neatly into my bag each day, I think I might miss them. Little E is taking great delight in seeing her pictures turned into something else. I love how they capture a few fleeting moments in her perception. One early picture shows a number of arms, legs and very importantly hair while the later ones definitely only have two of each limb and if your very special, glasses too.

These were stitched for my Mother's Birthday present. It's a big birthday, with a nought in it. According to Little E, Grandma is now 3.

On another note - the winner of the give away is number 1 - Viv of Highway Cottage. She suggested that my bag should filled with hexagons. I think I could do that.

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  1. Just love these!!! What a great idea for your work bag. Will have to think about getting some more drawings onto fabric for my own work bag! x

  2. Oh I love those, they are really fantastic. I have terrible trouble throwing out little people's artwork- we have piles of it stuffed in many little corners of the house. Those embroideries are such a great idea for displaying and enjoying it.

  3. Oh lovely!! Nifty idea!!

  4. I love kids art, I too am having great trouble parting with any of their little drawings, they just get better and better - I must do a few embroideries of them, such a great way to preserve them.

  5. Just to let you know there's a little award waiting for you over on my blog. Please don't feel you have to do it but would love to know 10 more things about you and maybe find some new reading in the process! Hope you're having a great weekend. x

  6. These are so them.xx

  7. They are SO cute. I really want to do this with an octopus Master 4 has just made. And I'm jealous of the buttons too!! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I think yours is lover-ly!


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