Fixing Fashion Crimes One Hottie Cover at a Time

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Under no circumstances should purple tractors be worn as serious attire. Occasionally you find some gems in the opp shops that have you puzzling “Why?”

I’ve had some time to think about it but still can’t think of what grown woman would want to wear a lilac jersey dotted with purple tractors. The closest I can get is a kindergarten teacher might wear one at a stretch to appeal to both the tractor and purple loving kids at the same time.

This little jersey was swiftly repurposed into two new hot water bottle covers. While I still don’t know why, at least my toes are warm.

note- Just fixed the title. Kicking myself for publishing with typo. Grrr. Bad Typist!

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  1. *Chortle*

    Next time you find one of those tops, I double dare you to wear it to work.


  2. Love it! (your thoughts on the matter, not the jersey.) But the jersey's pretty awesome and I think my sister would wear it, for the irony factor. She's taken to wearing oversized jerseys - preferably mens- as tops. Her favourite is white and black, with intarsia reindeer and pine trees. Again, why??!!

  3. You know when I saw that hottie cover I thought, David Bain. You know why. I think they are the coolest hottie covers.

  4. I love the hottie covers! Not for the purple tractors but for the way you have dealt with the opening. I have been procrastinating about the best way to deal with this all winter and in the mean time the cat as taken up residence on my chosen jersey, but I think you might have given me a solution.

  5. lol oh the things that have been in fashion over the years. Here's to warm feet though!

  6. so cute! What a great recycling project!


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