How to Tell if Your Camera has Been Borrowed

Saturday, September 04, 2010

If your camera has been "borrowed" you might find some of the following:

Close up shots of random items
(nice colour, composition, pity about the camera cord)

Broody scenes of across the street

An equally broody, but tell tale self portrait.

Little E quite likes helping herself to the camera. She knows she's not supposed to without an adult around, but occasionally I find the signs on the memory card. That self portrait is one of my favourite photos of Little E so I can't get too angry.

I am beginning to come around to the idea of digital cameras for children. I thought it a bit over the top when I saw some small children walking around the museum pointing their own cameras in front of glass cabinets. It gives you an idea of what held their interest for long enough to point and click, as well as something to talk about together when recalling an event. Sometimes their point of view can be quite unexpected. On our trip to the zoo, I rushed to see the bears being fed as Little E was very much into bears at the time. She really wasn't interested. When we asked her about her day and the animals she saw, it turned out her favourite was the giraffe and it's very, very, long tongue. She even illustrated with a lovely imitation of said giraffe trying to pick its nose with its tongue. Now that, I need a photo of.

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  1. Little E. you have a fantastic talent...keep it up (but don't tell mummy)

  2. Go, Little E!! I like to help myself to Mum's camera, too. I take photos of her elbow, my cars on the floor, the cat running away.
    You know, Art.
    love, Sweeney

  3. What a great self-portrait! Digital cameras are so great because you just delete the junky photos.

    I gave two disposable cameras to a student of mine who was going away to summer camp. A week at camp! I was sure I was going to see some fabulous photos. He brought them in the other day to show me. He had 48 pictures total, 5 were of the week at camp. The other 43 were pictures of his house, his dog, himself going to the movies, the movie poster, they movie theatre..etc...I was disappointed, but he was beyond thrilled with his little album.


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