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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I’ve put the Bah Humbug away and am getting onto the swing of preparations. First up are these embroidered birds that I have made for the Kiwi Ornament Swap. They have been based on the garland pattern from Scandinavian Needlework.

I have taken a few liberties with their backs as I was short of wool felt. Instead of an unstitched white backing, they have swatches of red and white fabric to cover my embroidery. I hadn’t anticipated the pink tones from our summer sun shining through and maybe next time would go with a cream on cream background. The project was just the right size for my daily commute and I was so carried away that I used every inch of the felt that I had to make extra birds for myself and a garland to send to some friends overseas.

For more Christmas Swapping, check out the flickr pool over here.

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  1. These are just gorgeous!

    Hmm - feeling inspired now, but then, after the gingerbread house debacle, I may get crows instead of pretty doves!

  2. Your decos are *super* sweet. I have that book out of the library at the moment and it has about 6 bookmarks in it.

  3. CUTE! I had the kids in my class sewing on felt this year too. We made green trees that will fit over a water bottle and can stand on a table. The "embroidery" part was fun for all of them, but I opted for gluing sparkles on as decorations instead of sewing cute buttons as we did last year. This turned it into a 2 day project, instead of a 5 day project like the ornaments we made last year! I love your birds.


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