Making Me Smile - Daphne

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Right now, daphne is making me smile. Small sprigs, in unexpected places. Resurrecting broken china cups.

It is nice to be reminded of what artificial air freshners* are aspiring to. Unsuspecting window sills in those functional rooms of the house, now sport their own little tea cups of lemony daphne.

* not my favourite thing and certainly not in our home.

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  1. Hi Amy
    I too love Daphne. One sniff takes me back to a happy childhood memory. When I was in hospital (at about 10) having my tonsils out my BF's Mum made me a gift box. It was tied up with satin ribbon and a posie of Daphne. I still see it in my minds eye when I smell Daphne.

  2. It sure is, I love it not only for the divine aroma, but also as it usually flowers around my birthday daphne & spring lambs = a happy place! When my daughter Anya was born in August, my in-laws brang a hunge bunch of daphne around. The whole house smelt amazing. Hope you're keeping toasty! xx

  3. I must remember to check out the bush at my partner's house, it is well hidden and with all the bad weather I have not strayed off the concrete path. When I first met him he told me his garden only had native NZ plants....guess the real estate agent had told him that. I keep the non-native fragant or flowery plants as my secret!


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