Kids Clothing Week - The Jiffy Dress

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the interests of democracy, I have made a dress for Little E too. In the hope that she will wear it, I have let her pick the fabric. I was initially hesitant about her choice, but have to admit, the girl has taste. I love the way the darker lining provides an accent to the main fabric.

The pattern is Simplicity 8815 - from 1970. It is a "Jiffy Pattern" as it has only 2 or 4 main pieces. I am loving this name.

I have adjusted the pattern slightly to make it reversible however, I forgot that last time I made this, it was 4" shorter. Little E has fallen for her almost to the ankle dress. Now, I am left waiting for her to notice the length gets in the way when having adventures, before I can make any adjustments.

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  1. cute adorable dress and WOW only 55c 'if only' hey .. .. .. gotta love those vintage patterns ::))


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