The Magic of Four

Monday, November 07, 2011

We are discovering the 4 is a pretty awesome age. You learn to pepper your conversations with slang from the playground.

For real ! I'm not lying. Trust me.

How the last two got to be popular phrases I am not sure, Maybe we have a used car salesman in the making. When I asked E what she thought "Trust me" meant, she told me it was"Just do what I say!"

The coolest four year old trick is eyebrow wriggling. Her face almost creases with concentration and fixes you with a stare before some earnest brow wriggling starts. It is very hard to keep a straight face.

Then there are the tricks she makes up herself. Above you can see E "talking with her eyes". this consists of covering her mouth, talking and pretending the sound is coming out of her eyes. Very strange. Also strange, but not at all surprising is when she is talking with her eyes, pretending to be mummy - 'What's in the op shop today kids?'

No idea where she's heard that one. None at all.

All up, four is pretty cool. We're loving it. Excuse me now, while I go and ask how the hip kids say that these days.

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  1. I get eye rolling and a sort of groaned "Muuuuuum" response sometimes. Kind of cute right now, but I know I'll hate it in ten years ...


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