Wooden Boxes

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am a sucker for wooden boxes.  I especially love the ones with printed labels, emblazoned with a purpose.  This one was holding up the heater behind the counter of the opp shop this week.  After a few cheeky questions, it turned out to be for sale, and left the shop tightly tucked under my arm.  While I have no immediate need for an ammunition box, after some careful thought I knew exactly what needed to go in it. A friend passed me a cardboard box of colours with names.  As well as the confectionery of names, I love the jumble of shapes and sizes, just right in their new home*.

*I'm enamoured with the idea of turning swords and bullets to needles and pins. And if your curious, you can read about the The Colonial Ammunition Company here.  My Auckland readers might even be familiar with it's historical Shot Tower.

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  1. Oh I am so with you about the Colour names. I love my old threads for just that reason. Mind I have to say they are super to stitch with. I have done some quilting on small items with my Sylkos. Such a lovely sheen.

    1. I'm so pleased you liked them. Small projects would be just the thing as some of the reels only have the tiniest bit left on them.

  2. I love the historical aspect to your find - I can't go past a glass bottle or a box with the original manufacturer's marks on it either.

  3. It was my husband who suggested that it might be connected to the shot tower. After a little research we found it was the very same company. We used to drive past the dis-used tower when we lived in Auckland.

  4. I do love wooden boxes. And those old cottons look beautiful in their new home.


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