Sunday, January 22, 2012

Green, Grey, Black - A Wedding Quilt in the Making

As my brother painted his house green, grey and black, I thought there could be a quilt in that. When he announced his engagement, I KNEW there had to be a quilt in it.

I'm slowly piecing the blocks based on this quilt and have seen that I'm not the only one taken with this colour scheme. It's been a few months in the making with snatches of sewing snuck in every Monday night. I have until St Patrick's day to get it finished for the Wedding.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Upholstery 101 - Procratsination

After -The Eames-like detail that hooked me in

I have been trawling trademe for the dream chair to recover. I'm looking for the sort of chair that is local, and easy to cover. Of course, I shouldn't have been looking any further than my own lounge. So here we have my first attempt at upholstery.

Before recovering, after sunlight and small hands

I'm not sure if this counts as upholstery because I could remove all the cushions to measure up. The chair was in much better condition when I picked it up, but direct sun and curious fingers have forced me into action.

During - the naked chair

When I first picked up the chair, I was tempted to remove the cushions and leave it as is, for a homage to Eames look. However as these chairs reach the end the their lives, the wires come a little loose and have a tendancy to try and pinch your summery legs. It was either pick up the welding gear or the sewing machine.

After - chair ready to go

Now that I have a pattern ready to go I have 4 more to cover. There will be a little tweaking as the seat could do with a little less ease. I am eyeing up the gorgeous Outside Oslo fabrics from how about Orange for use on these. Any other suggestions for affordable upholstery/canvas fabric would be welcomed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fairy Tale T-Shirts

I was getting a little carried away here before Christmas. A pile of new bright t-shirts were just calling out to be transformed. With a little freezer paper and ink, the new t-shirts were ready.

My initial stash of metallic pink and black inks* was not enough. Fortunately our local art shop had the inks on special and now I can mix up any colour I please. I'm thinking green frog princes and silver slippered Cinderellas.

For now, the girls are pleased as punch with their Christmas pyjamas.

*can you guess who chose each colour?