Fairy Tale T-Shirts

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I was getting a little carried away here before Christmas. A pile of new bright t-shirts were just calling out to be transformed. With a little freezer paper and ink, the new t-shirts were ready.

My initial stash of metallic pink and black inks* was not enough. Fortunately our local art shop had the inks on special and now I can mix up any colour I please. I'm thinking green frog princes and silver slippered Cinderellas.

For now, the girls are pleased as punch with their Christmas pyjamas.

*can you guess who chose each colour?

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  1. aw cute Amy, very cute. someday I feel I may brave freezer paper and stenils, but I have a strong suspicion that I'll just end up putting sausage dogs on everything.

  2. Fantastic Amy! Love the little red riding hood...so cute xx


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