Catherine Holm and Quince

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

See It, Like It, Buy It.

I have an aunt who travels with this mantra of efficiency and excess.  When Mum and I saw these casserole dishes, in a local vintage store, we just knew they were coming home. In the name of team work one went home with Mum and the other is currently in our fridge, holding the most retro fresh poached quince. They are a brilliant glowing crimson, so different from the pale yellow beginnings.   I imagine myself to be a sophisticated cocktail swilling 1970's housewife as I slice these little jewels of fruit onto my sedate morning porridge.

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  1. I've just been donated a heap of quince - I made jelly - what other uses do they have?

  2. Oh yum! I love quince and I'm a bit partial to anything that makes me feel like a 70's housewife too!

  3. They are beautiful! How might one poach a quince? Ive been given some and cant be fagged to make paste.


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