Last Minute Birthday Dress

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last minute birthday dresses are getting to be a habit.  3 days out from Little E's  birthday, I was cutting out a new dress.  What is about impending celebrations that makes me embark on maniac crafting missions?  Is this just me?

The birthday passed without a hitch or a dress.  I put the final touches on it last night - hand sewing the hem and facings.  E loves it.  Miss H's birthday dress is a distant memory* and she wants one too.

The pattern is from a Burda magazine with a few adaptations**.  This fabric just sang yellow at me, so we had to have yellow piping, lining and hem facings.  It is so hard to remain gloomy when you know everything is bright on the inside.

*The tale of Miss H's Dorothy dress is yet to be told, but has a recurring theme of Monday inspiration, weekend party and late night sewing.
** The pattern review is over here

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  1. Loving the matching finger nails to leggings

  2. that is a feast of loveliness. the fabric is divine, the dress design is gorgeous and what a cute wee lass too. makes me want kids clothes in adult sizes again x

  3. Visiting via blackbird has spoken, love the fabric and pattern you have used for this dress.


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