Sewing With My Sister

Friday, June 10, 2016

There is something special about sewing in good company.  Every Monday,  I do just that.  In the last 6 months I have had the privilege of also sewing with my sister.

Finding herself between graduation and leaving for the overseas, my sister had 6 months to work, save and, most importantly, learn to sew.  She joined me every Monday night, with friends as we sewed the nights away.

We started small, with a drawstring bag before moving onto something to wear.  
There was certainly a new Zealand flavour to the sewing - a sway dress from PaperCut Patterns and undercover hood. There were also some chambray shorts (that co-ordinate so well with the hood) and a Christmas hamper's worth of jewelry cases.
The hoodie was an exercise in frugality as we shuffled pattern pieces and shortened cuffs to get the pattern out of a 1.2 m remnant of double sided merino knit.  We have Emma, of Miss Maude to thank for the addition of this divine contrast piping using the reverse side of the fabric.  
It has been wonderful being able to sew with my sister.  I consider myself honored to be able to introduce her to my sewing friends and the highly addictive possibilities of sewing for yourself.

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