All the Fun of the Fair

Monday, February 04, 2008

I had been planning it for weeks and on Saturday Little e and I were off to the Martinborough fair. The event has always been an annual tradition for my family, from Mum helping out at the Plunket Stall and trying to make my $2 last all morning to this year – with baby in tow.

The bustling crowds were going to be a bit of a challenge with a buggy, so the baby pack was ready and I really needed as new bag for the occasion.


I really like the idea of reusable shopping bags but find that:
a) I don't always have one on me
b) I have to reach to the bottom of the bag to get things
c) The top isn't always secure

I had big plans and was going to post photos before our outing, but Friday night saw me up, cutting and sewing to turn this little one out at the last minute.

It folds – small enough to be in my handbag

It holds – pocket for wallet at mid height for easy access

and it keeps – strap to the top to stop copious purchases from falling out.

After a count up, the next day, it was revealed that we already have 9 reusable bags it's just that they are never in the right place, in my hand bag, when I need them. This in mind, one more certainly can't hurt.

We had a great time with Little e comfy in the Kozy Carrier and looking out for all that was going on. The weather for the fair was a little overcast, keeping some of the crowd away to the point that we could have taken the buggy. The shopping was wonderful and I have so much to look out for next month when the fair returns.

Note: I have been tagged for the seven random things meme so watch this space..

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