Miss-Under-Estimating My Time

Monday, July 21, 2008

I am an expert at mis-under-estimating my time. I had plans to sit down for a morning and get up to date with the star quilt along. I had three stars, 7 setting blocks and some sashing to get done. My plans went mysteriously awry.

My dearest was looking after little e for the morning so I had some clear time. I usually take about an hour to do one star. That includes getting every thing out, cutting stitching and putting away. I figure there should be some economy of scale in getting 3 done and besides, half of the setting blocks were already cut out. I set out at 9.

Two hours later, that star blocks were cut out. Note: cut out, no stitching yet.

An hour later, one block was sewn and half of Martha's star was spinning backwards. All spinning backwards would have been fine, but half meant more cutting out. While I didn't take photos of the gaff, believe me it is possible.

By this stage, 12, I was beginning to get liberal in my definition of a morning.

At 12:30 it was onto the setting blocks.

As 2 drew closer I had to admit defeat. I gave up on cutting more setting blocks. The sashing strips were a distant glimmer.

The last star goes block goes up in a number of hours. The quilt has been a learning curve for both the techniques and my time management. I usually shy away from samplers. Looking at the finished quilt, I am guessing we are looking a the the lemoyne star for the last one. I usually avoid these too, figuring life is too short for partial seems.

I might be able to catch up this weekend, just one star a few setting blocks and some sashing. Then again, I might be miss-under-estimating again.

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  1. your blocks look great. I just finished block #7, so I am way behind. So happy you got all that sewing (cutting) time in.

  2. your blocks look really good!
    i am packaging up your cupcake swap and realized i dont have your last name
    could you email it to me please?

  3. me again
    just wanted to let you know i mailed your cupcake swap today!
    the po said 3-10 days

  4. the blocks look great. can't wait to see them altogether. I've be underestimating for weeks. I have 10 -13 left to do and everything else. I do need to focus.

  5. I completed the final star block last night. There weren't any partial seams in the constuction following the way that AmandaJean illustrated. Don't be fooled, though -- it was still a VERY tricky star. Very, very stretchy, and pieced in diagonal rows. Good luck catching up!


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