The Saunio Cardigan - Sew My Style

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Saunio Cardigan was a success.  This pattern was the second in the Sew-My-Style challenge.  It was also my first attempt at using NAMED PATTERNS.

My favorite part of this pattern would have to be an accidental detail - as I put together the shoulders,  I only had gold grosgrain ribbon in my sewing bag. Now there are little golden seams hidden on the inside.

The pattern is generally loose fitting, but the arms are quite snug.  I added and extra 2 inches to the width of the sleeves, but wish I had added a little more.

I may have overthought some of the steps, but my key lesson is READ the instructions.  This is something that I relish doing, but it appears I start reading and then just skim over the details looking at the pictures.  I read in depth all the details about adding a seam allowance to each piece.  However, that little step 2, that has no pictures, but says "interface the facings" - you want to pay attention to that one.

The jacket fits, is versatile and certainly fills a gap in my wardrobe.  While it's not what I would usually wear, there might be another on in the works some time soon.

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