Knitting on a Train

Monday, July 14, 2008

When I first returned to work, I thought I should pick up some knitting. I thought about it a bit, every night when I realised that yet again I hadn't found a project for in my bag the next morning. There are projects that are ideal for on a train. This one isn't one of those.

This hat is loving modelled by the bunny as little e just doesn't sit still. I thought it would be a good project as it was small and used up wool I already had. However, carrying 5 balls of wool and having to mentally line up each colour and code letter can be a bit taxing.

Now I'm keeping it simple. So simple in fact, this jersey is knitted all on one piece. I like it.

I'm sure there is a wealth of train knitting tips out there. I'm not the flashest or fastest knitter so my tips extend to the following:

One ball only
Nothing with serious counting involved
Try to find a seat where your right elbow stocks out (I knit like a wounded chicken)
Try and sit next to a knitter (they don't seem to mind the flapping)

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  1. Seriously impressed with that little hat!!Very cute
    Knitting on circulars can be good ...just knit back and sticking out bits to stab fellow train goers

  2. Love the knit hat! I went on a 1 month "fast" from buying any sewing related items about 2 months ago...I did pretty good...I only bought machine needles;)

  3. Cute hat! Looking forward to seeing the finished jersey too.

    I second the circulars suggestion. I like to knit on the bus when I catch it to work. After one disastrous morning trying to keep my needles in check while knitting a scarf, I transferred it to circulars. Much more commuter-friendly.

  4. hehe i like the bit about sitting next to a knitter, they dont mind the flapping. that created such a funny pic in my head.
    what an adorable hat!

  5. Hi there,
    Iam not a train person but if I was I would be piecing little hexagons together to form a grandmothers quilt. (actually I do this in the car!) Also I can think that knitting dishclothes would br great on a train (i do this in the car also!!) Love the hat. Im trying to put down some sewing long enough to knit yet another ballet cardi (My daughter says the others are too scratchy so I need to knit with cotton obviously! three lucky little ballet dancers were donated cardis as a recult of this comment from my little Alex!1
    Cheers Cherry


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