Shopper's Remorse

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I have been reading about stash busting and I love the idea of just opening up the pink drawer and using every last bit there. In reality I would be more inclined to open the drawer, see that my pinks were a bit blah and feel justified in getting some more. Sometimes, I have all the resolve of a piece of cooked spaghetti.

Along with the stash busting ideas, I am trying to set a crafting budget. I really does get a bit scary when I add it all up. So I'm trying to stick to $15 a week. I have been very ordered in the first 4 weeks. I need to buy a jelly roll for the class so that was 4 weeks of saving. Then I got to the class, read the instructions and to make the quilt really big, I needed 2 rolls. So, then it was no more fabric for 4 further weeks.

The following day we found ourselves in Palmerston North. There is a chain fabric store there that gets remaindered quilting fabric. While the other branches have some remaindered fabric, this one has the most. So I had to get this:

In all honesty I had been eying up this fabric for a while at full price (3 x the reduced price) and I would have regretted not getting it. In fact, I would have done more than regret it, I would have dragged my whole family to the store on subsequent trips and lamented the fabric I didn't buy, loudly.

So now it's no more fabric until August 18. This might be a little tough but I'm sure I can do it because, really, I would have regretted not buying the fabric more.

note: That doesn't count the sewing books I picked up and the wool I just had to have yesterday.

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  1. Oooh! I know that feeling - a sinking dread when I tally up the week's total in my head - I hop about in frantic remorse - but unfortunately, this feeling does not last too long. I had a similar experience with remaindered fabric on Friday - I was supposed to be collecting packing boxes, but just had to duck into this truly bizarre shop in a previously unknown to me shopping centre on the way - and now have metres and metres of lovely Olivia fabric for a third of the price! I'm looking forward to seeing if you last until 18th August! That's such a long time away!

  2. The quilt is gorgeous, you are so talented!

    I feel your pain - I am on a yarn diet. I suck at diets.

    I think 1/3 the price is definitely worth bending the rules for

  3. I've been on a crafting diet myself's helping me to use what I have and plan things out rather than make impulse purchases, so I guess it's a good thing : )

  4. Great purchase...I would have caved too!

  5. I'm really trying to use up the HUGE amount of material I have scavenged, bought, found - but then I go into the pretty material shop and I can't resist.

  6. Ooh do share the name of the Palmy shop that gets remaindered fabric. I might need to make a work trip there soon and I could easily incorporate a crafting side-trip I think...


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