Quilted, Bound, Labeled and Finished

Monday, October 06, 2008

The “Days of the Week” quilt is now officially finished. I finished the binding and label today.

I had been contemplating free motion quilting but chickened out. The most of this is straight lines with a few areas of free motion to the stripes.

The year started with me vowing to empty the WISP box. By June, I had modified this to – if it was started in 2008 it will be finished in 2008. This one was started, I think, in April. This leaves only two more quilts started this year still to be finished.

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  1. Thats fabulous. You know the very first time I visited your blog you had just bought those days of the week (bibs?). Looks great,well done.

  2. Well done Amy, looks great! xx

  3. It's just fantastic - well done on finsihing! x


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