Upholstery Before Breakfast – Recovering the Pushchair

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I happened across this gem at a church fair a few weeks ago. It looks like it has seen some love in its time and possibly a few children trying to sit in it. The covering was falling apart with unraveling stitches and some rips. Little e, my daughter, was stoked with it, so I set out to make it better. Of course, I was being optimistic thinking I could get it done while everyone went out to get the weekend paper.

I think the original cover was put in place before the pushchair was glued together. I went with snap fasteners as I didn't fancy un-gluing the chair.

The new covering is a small strip of decorating weight fabric. The dimensions were based on the actual pushchair, in this case 23” x 7”. The edges are simply turned under and stitched. There are four snap fasteners to each end to attach the new cover to the pushchair.

The pushchair lives on to see a lot more use. All up it took less than a hour, so getting it done before breakfast wasn't too far wrong.

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  1. That is so cool! Fantastic find...and a great recovering job. xx

  2. I just love it!!! And well done for getting it done so quickly! I saw a child's wooden deckchair at the car boot and sadly walked right on past as it really would be irresponsible to buy more things before we head off! x

  3. You have excellent crafting skills. You have made something extra-ordinary for the children. similarly we designed a new Icoo Pushchairs with all best features.


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