Dollied-Up T-Shirts

Thursday, November 13, 2008

After finding the selection of “girls” t-shirts a disappointing, I have taken matters in to my own hands. Sure pink, lavender and white are nice now and then, but sometimes a girl needs more choice.

I proudly present little e's dollied up T-shirts. Hopefully they will end off the inevitable “What a lovely young man” comments you get when not wearing pink.

The T-shirts are from the “boys” rack in the store. I have used steam a seam and straight stitch to applique the picture. After half a dozen washes the applique is still wearing well. I'm currently plotting floral matroushkas and woodgrain bunnies and maybe squirrels.

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  1. Yes I agree, there is only so much pastel pink I can cope with. I always find it amusing how people just presume Sadie is a boy just because she isn't wearing pink! Sadie quite often is found wearing red and sometime brown and if she isn't in a dress she is always mistaken for a boy! Love the t's they are very girly without any pastel pink. xx

  2. Wow, nice! I always tried to find alternatives to pink when my Sylvie was little, but now that she's old enough to have her own clothes preferences she rifles through her chest of drawers looking for the pink things to wear. Maybe if she had such fab choices as these t-shirts she might choose some stronger colours!

  3. they look great! And I totally hear you on the choices - if all we had to contend with were the pastel shades, we could probably survive (but we certainly raided the "boys section" regularly for navy and red and purple) , but I can't stand all the sequins, and fluffy bits and bizarre words and pictures that are really inappropriate for young children. You've done a lovely job :-)

  4. They look really lovely.. such a nice idea..can't wait to see the Babouskas!

  5. These are so lovely. You are very talented.

    I really like Sofia to wear red, green and grey. Inevitably she is given pink by well meaning people, but I'm always looking for the alternative too.

    Good on you!

  6. Love them! People ALWAYS think Isla is a boy because I don't dress her in bright pinks etc. Sounds like we're not the only ones!


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