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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I will be posting this wonderful quilt to Zoe tomorrow. I signed up to the Bend-the-Rules – Sewing Swap sometime in September.

Zoe's fabric turned up and I was ready to get stuck into it. She sent a few Jitterbug prints and co-ordinating plains. I will show you the whole thing when it has arrived, but for now here's just a glimpse.

At the time I signed up I had every intention of getting the quilt finished quickly and posted shortly after, then the morning sickness started. I'm beginning to feel a lot better. I managed to get the quilt finished only 2 weeks late. My quilt from Zoe turned up last week so I had better get a wriggle on and get hers in the mail.

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  1. Is that an announcement? Congrats xx

  2. Congratulations Amy and little E. how wonderful! xx

  3. look wonderful. cant wait to c the rest when it arrives. zoe

  4. it's beautiful! I love the colors and fabrics that you combined...and congrats on the morning sickness :)


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