Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back Soon

Yes I'm still here. I have been swept off my feet recently with various things. Please bear with me while I take a bit of a breather. I suspect, it should be all under control in a fortnight or so.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Quilted, Bound, Labeled and Finished

The “Days of the Week” quilt is now officially finished. I finished the binding and label today.

I had been contemplating free motion quilting but chickened out. The most of this is straight lines with a few areas of free motion to the stripes.

The year started with me vowing to empty the WISP box. By June, I had modified this to – if it was started in 2008 it will be finished in 2008. This one was started, I think, in April. This leaves only two more quilts started this year still to be finished.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Upholstery Before Breakfast – Recovering the Pushchair

I happened across this gem at a church fair a few weeks ago. It looks like it has seen some love in its time and possibly a few children trying to sit in it. The covering was falling apart with unraveling stitches and some rips. Little e, my daughter, was stoked with it, so I set out to make it better. Of course, I was being optimistic thinking I could get it done while everyone went out to get the weekend paper.

I think the original cover was put in place before the pushchair was glued together. I went with snap fasteners as I didn't fancy un-gluing the chair.

The new covering is a small strip of decorating weight fabric. The dimensions were based on the actual pushchair, in this case 23” x 7”. The edges are simply turned under and stitched. There are four snap fasteners to each end to attach the new cover to the pushchair.

The pushchair lives on to see a lot more use. All up it took less than a hour, so getting it done before breakfast wasn't too far wrong.