Knitting on a Train - On Hold

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My knitting on a train has come to a halt, but I did manage to get some projects finished. I’m not the fastest knitter and sometimes I’m not organised enough to have things ready when I run out the door so the progress was a little slow.
The year started with some afghan squares made up of leftovers from this fishy jersey. I’d love to take credit for the jersey, but it was a joint effort on the part of my Aunts and Mother. It’s a convoluted story that I just might share one day. Anyhow, there is a small bassinet size blanket to go with it.
Then followed this awesome hat. You can find the pattern here and make a donation to a very worthy cause. We have to leave the flaps undone as Little e untucks her ears playing with them.

There is one last project that I’m still working on. On my last train day, I realised I would have to work another two weeks to get it finished. This wasn’t quite my plan so instead, it’s keeping me company in front of the TV in the evenings.

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  1. Your hat is lovely, well done. Glad you enjoyed the pattern :)

  2. Wow that fish sweater is wonderful. I can make a garter stitch and purl if I "really" want to, but that's about my limit. I wanted to start a sampler, but DH ended up doing better at it than I did... Ah well.


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