My Baby Like to Hide in Boxes and a Giveaway

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The work on the spare room is continuing. We have moved beyond sorting out the two bookcases in there and are now tackling the numerous boxes of books in the garage. The boxes have become an unexpected wonder.

Little e is having a fantastic time with the empty boxes, especially as she had recently discovered “hiding”. It often takes the form of opening a cupboard door and backing inside until her absence is noticed. It doesn’t faze her that she doesn’t fit into any cupboards as this is all about the trying to hide. It’s the fuss that we make looking for her that counts.

As we find books that we really don’t have the space for, they are getting put aside for various destinations. This pile here is destined for interested crafters. There is a distinctly quilting bent to them. If you’d like me to send one or two your way drop me line and I can get it in the post to you. However, given the horrendous postal costs, I’m going to have to restrict this to NZ addresses only. The books are :

“Quick and Easy Projects for the Weekend Quilter” Rosemary Wilkinson
“The Essential Quilter” Barbara Chainey
“Contemporary Machine Embroidery” Deborah Gonet
“Material Women 99”
“Art and Inspirations” Michael James
“Six Colour World” Yvonne Porcella

You’ll have to be quick as they will be off to the second hand bookstore next week if they haven’t found a home.

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  1. update - as of this evening only Material Women and Art and Inspirations left.

  2. Hey cool- the same formica table and the same sewing to do list full of ticking curtain fabric! How freaky is that?!
    I'm quite envious of the clearing space for a new baby. It's making me think I could squeeze a wee autumn spring-clean into these holidays.

  3. My babies all love hiding in boxes and laundry baskets. Yours is such a cutie :)

  4. Hola !! I love books , but I life far away from your country .You have a very beautiful daugther , blessed her God. Hugs from Chile , Vero

  5. such a cute little girl, why is it that you can have a room full of toys and the boxes are their favorites.
    The books are a great find for someone closer.


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