The Simplest Things

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most fun. Little E can get into the fabric drawers and loves it. Fat quarters are waved in the air, up high and down low, to music. Long strips are wrapped up and admired as scarves in front of the mirror. More recently, layers of “blankets” have been found laid over sleeping toys. Sometimes it drives me to frustration, but it is nice to see my stash admired and reinvented.

E raided my homespun drawer last week. While picking up the pieces, I had to admire the murky blues and yellows. She might be onto something there. The pile is now next to the ironing board, earmarked for me to turn it into something else entirely.

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  1. I love solids. They are wonderful to work with. Great palate.

  2. I always find great new combinations when my boys empty my fabric bins, too. I try to remind myself of that while I spend twenty minutes of precious sewing time folding up my fabric . . . again.


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