Yesterday, I planted Garlic

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jerusalem Sonnet 18

Yesterday I planted garlic,
Today, sunflowers—‘the non-essentials first’

Is a good motto—but these I planted in honour of
The Archangel Michael and my earthly friend,

Illingworth, Michael also, who gave me the seeds—
And they will turn their wild pure golden discs

Outside my bedroom, following Te Ra
Who carries fire for us in His terrible wings

(Heresy, man!) – and if he wanted only
For me to live and die in this old cottage,

It would be enough, for the angels who keep
The very stars in place resemble most

These green brides of the sun, hopelessly in love with
Their Master and Maker, drunkards of the sky.

James K Baxter

During a brief find window of fine weather we were able to slip outside and plant the garlic. It had been waiting since midwinter. E took great delight in tearing the bulbs apart while whispering “break it up” under her breath. Now every garlic bulb in the fridge is greeted with the new name “break’d’up” and carried out the door.

I’m looking forward to fresh aoli in the summer time. Maybe I will have planted the sunflowers by then too.

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