Saturday, September 12, 2009

As the weather has been getting better, we have been having a few more outdoor adventures. E has discovered the joys of bare feet. The shoes come off and she climbs into the garden bed to feel the dirt between her toes or takes off down the drive to scoot. The basin of warm water comes out for washing up before we go back inside. This part has become almost as exciting as the bare feet itself.

Last week, after washing up she took off to the bathroom and returned with her bath toys. Then she ran past with the bread. “I hope you weren’t planning to have sandwiches for lunch” my dearest quipped as he went to investigate.

Of course, even bath ducks need feeding sometimes.

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  1. Very cute! Will ring you soon ~ I've seen you twice in town since moving down, we are nearly back into a routine. Catch up soon. xx

  2. Gorgeous!
    I love the way a child's mind is always ticking over..making plans..connecting the real world into their play world..which often is one and the same !


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