Does Your Mum Know You Blog? A Milestone

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Slowly, but surely I have got there. This is my 200th post and it has taken little over 2 years. At first it was a secretive thing, with only my dearest knowing that I was writing. Now I count even my mother amongst my readers.

At first I imagined myself as a bit of a Clark Kent, but around the other way – a super hero mum by day and secret squirrel craft blogger by night. I even imagined being the Super Hero Mum would be easy. I carried on writing on the sly, not telling the friends I see from day to day, not telling my mother and certainly not telling any relatives that know anything about grammar. Now that I’m not a Super Hero Mum (never was, it was all a fantasy), the walls between my writing and life have gradually come down. My alter ego is really just me, but with a keyboard in hand. I don’t mind telling my friends that I blog.

It took 6 months to let Mum in on the secret. Someone, at a family lunch, asked what I had been up to and all of a sudden Mum was asking “What’s a blog?” She started taking a peek to see what I was making. While visiting friends, she would google seven-stitches to show them my quilts. Eventually she started to read too. Now she recommends me to her crafty friends and colleagues. This is high praise as far as I am concerned.

Even higher praise, was when a friend sheepishly admitted that she had been reading along for a while. She was reading, chuckling and calling her husband over to read too. I was delighted. Julia, you made my day.

I am excited to get to my 200th post. So much has changed. I can now proudly share these ramblings with people I see from day to day. For those I don’t tell, I'm sure my mother is spreading the news far and wide.

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  1. My brother told her, last year, after I sent him a link to something I'd written. Now everyone reads it including my brother's partner's mother (work that out!) and her craft group. Which has turned out to be a cool thing because they send me advice and their fabric scraps :-)Congrats on the 200.

  2. Oh and I love the recipe tin, my nana had one just like it.

  3. Congratulations on your 200th post!!! I didn't tell and then somehow my nieces found out which in turn led to my parents finding out ... I don't think I was ready for that and it stopped me for quite a while last year!!! x

  4. Well done on 200 posts!!! I have to admit I am still sheepish about my blog - but I never get a very good reaction to mentioning my blog (except amongst other crafty bloggers!), so I still keep it pretty hidden. That's why finding new ones to meet is so great - looking forward to our Bee swap!

  5. don't think mine knows..........she knows I do something on the computer but not blogging.........some friends know some don't.........sure plenty think I am a little odd........that is except my new blog friends who also
    congrats on your 200 posts........


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