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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have been catching up on my bees recently. If you look to the left side bar there is an updated list of the bees and links to all the lovely ladies sewing along. 3 Bees just kind of crept up on me. I’m really enjoying running the Anzac Bee. I feel honoured to be an international member of the U.S. Stash Busting Bee and the Australasian Bee is just up and running. If you are following along in reader, take some time to have a look. There are some new friends waiting to be met there.

This one above is for Abi at Home Heart Happiness as part of the ANZAC Bee. I had great fun experimenting with the hearts. Watch out for a tutorial as the experiments grow and grow.

Christine R. has requested houses of any size for her ANZAC month, resulting in a fine wobbly neighbourhood of little houses. The larger one needs something in it's garden so I will think a little more on this one.

To add to the catching up fun, we have been learning about posting letters in our house. Little E is my helper at the post office on regular occasions. One nice thing about sending parcels is getting to use different stamps. We choose dinosaurs where ever possible.

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  1. Your hearts are gorgeous! Really pretty. I am yet to incorporate hearts into my blocks for March (eek!). I have pieced the blocks, but am thinking I will embroider hearts on to them, or maybe applique. The Australasian Bee looks awesome.

  2. Oh, I love those houses!! The wonkiness is gorgeous. You're such a clever clogs, aren't you??
    Maybe a little embroidery will make for a lovely garden on the bigger one ...


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