The Black Blanket Hug

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I grew more and more attached to this blanket each time I finished it. It was a lesson in taking my time and giving a project some space. I started making it for a friend who was moving into a new house in August 2009. The colours were chosen to fit the new house. Only it was delivered, reluctantly, a year later.

The pattern is based on the Picnic Blanket in Warm Fuzzies by Betz White. I counted up and there are over 19 different black, white and grey jerseys in there. I had an enjoyable afternoon cutting it all out, sometime in July last year.

The first time I finished it, in November 2009, there was some very careful measuring and squaring up before I attached the blanket ribbon. I have fond memories of blanket ribbon. I’m sure given a chance all children would run the silky edges of blankets through their fingers or along their top lip. Most of my friends had favourite blankets with the ribbon almost worn out. In this case I couldn’t find any black ribbon so settled for French Navy. I convinced myself that you couldn’t tell.

A littler Little E helping out

A few days after sewing it on, I proudly showed my mum who exclaimed “But it’s blue!” That was the prompt end of that finish. There was some unpicking and some muttering under breath before the blanket was left unfinished again. It was just as well as I had some teething problems with sewing the woven edging onto the stretch blanket.

I though about silver grosgrain, but nothing further came of that. In fact, I really didn’t want to go near it again. It was that defeating.

The blanket stayed unfinished for another year, until I spied the tomato ties. I had picked up a roll of merino ribbing at the op shop to tie my tomatoes with. When cleaning up my sewing space I discovered that the ribbing was perfect for stitching too.

I love the way the blanket stretches around you when it wraps you up. I keep finding different textures amongst the soft woollens. It’s like a very large woollen hug. I have been assured that it is at home in its new location. I hope it finds some new people to hug there too.

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  1. I LOVE this !!! It reminds me of the recycled woolen blanket quilts I saw and LOVED so much at the Quilt Shows this year!
    Well done you for not giving up!
    This is gorgeous xxx

  2. Hi Amy, this quilt / blanket is fabulous! How did you make it? Did you knit the separate "blocks" and then join them together some how? I don't know anything about working with jersey. Ooohhh, it looks lovely!

  3. Gorgeous blanket!
    On another note though, how are things in your part of the world with the horrific mining incident??? I've been meaning to email you but never think of it at the right time so I'm here now, and concerned to know if you and yours are all ok???

  4. It's gorgeous and I looove that one red panel popping out. But merino ties for your tomatoes? Lucky toms!


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