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Friday, November 05, 2010

I’m a few months short of 3 years writing here. A number of things have changed at home over this time – returning to work, the arrival of Miss H, birthdays, returning to work again. I have been thinking about making some changes to this space too.

Before I do, I thought I should ask what changes you would like to see. Let me know what you like or dislike about Seven-Stitches, what makes you come back and what makes you run for the hills. It could be as simple as “Amy, enough about the children, show us the sewing”, “Hey what about a giveaway, maybe a Ferrari” or “Honey, It’s your Mother here and I want more pictures of the grandchildren”. Incidentally, you don’t need to sign in to comment so Mum, you can join in too. While I can’t promise action on every suggestion, I will at least give it some thought. If you like, let me know how you found out about Seven-Stitches too.

Now for the bit you might have been waiting for - the give away. There are two categories-

National –
A vintage embroidered throw, a fat eighth of a random floral I have*, a tomato tomato sauce bottle (every kiwi home needs one) and a cosmic racer (not a ferarri, but very fast and fun).

International –
A vintage teacosie cover and some more of that fabric.

I am adding to the piles as I find more things that will go in the post. There might even be some Christmas decorations, but to show them would ruin another surprise.

As for those who would like to see more tutorials, keep watching, I have one coming up later this week.

The giveaway will stay open until November 15.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

* Yep that is some flea market fancy fabric there.

Edit ** Fixing the typos might also be a good start. I think I might have got them all this time.

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  1. Well done for all you have accomplished on your blog. The photos are always lovely and the text is amusing. It's your creative space and people who come are people who share that vision - your blog readership may go or down but who cares? It's really not about the audience, it's about finding a way to communicate your creativity. So I say, make a blog that you would enjoy writing, and let the audience sort themselves out.

  2. I have to agree with Mary Nanna - although I've only just come across your blog on KMB - I think really the only person you need to write for is you, it's so easy to fall into the trap of writing what you think others want to read (been there, done that) but you have to stay true to you (whether that means making changes or not)

    Lovely blog btw ;)

  3. Hi Amy! Well I keep coming back for more, so it must be working! I like the mix of family and projects. Just right!

  4. I like it just like it is. A good mix of life and crafting. Maybe some pics of cool things you see when in Welly would be nice, or reviews of some of the great books you are getting from the big library, even if they are not new books its always worth know ing if they are any good or not. :-)

  5. Hi Amy
    I love the lay out of your blog - and the pictures are great! If you really want to change it, make changes that you are happy with - you'll enjoy writing here and we'll enjoy reading it so we'll keep coming back for more!

  6. I've been reading for so long I can't remember how I first found you. I'm with all the others- I keep reading because I like your voice, I just like hearing about whatever you're inclined to write about. My life is in a similar phase to yours so I am interested in what you do with your children, what you make, what they make, what you find, what you find time for and what you don't.

  7. Hi Amy well done on three years. I think your writing in your blog is true to you, you should not go changing it based on what others may want because whose to say they are right. Way to go!

  8. Yes, just what they all said. I like your voice and what you do. I don't really 'get' patchwork, or quilts, or fat quarters, but I like your work and reading about it.
    And I have one of those sauce bottles!!! Looooove them!!!

  9. Hi Amy

    I started visiting your blog because your quilts are fresh and energetic - the kind I want to make but dont for some reason. I keep coming back to your blog because it's fun to see your new projects, read about the girls and your adventures.

    Are there things I would like to see here? Sure. You could write about what you do in Wellington that keeps you making that long train journey, you could tell us what Mr Seven Stitches thinks of it all, and you could give us a heads up when you're exhibiting your quilts so that we can come visit them in person. But the absence of these things isn't going to stop me dropping by to see what you're up to. Keep up the good work.


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