Morning tea with the birds

Thursday, April 07, 2011

bird feeder

Our bird feeder is outside the kitchen window. We can watch the birds eat while we have our morning tea. A line of nails along the top holds apple halves for pecking at. There is even a trough on top for bird friendly leftovers.

The autumnal glut of ripe apples means that there are many other bird attractions around town. Our feeder has become a case of trying to catch a cow with a piece of grass. The neighbours' dogs are quicker off the mark when we throw out our crusts, leaving the trough empty.

Still, we watch, wait and refill the feeder. Winter is closing in and I know the birds will come to visit us soon.

bird watcher

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  1. nice!! I've been trying to work out the same sort of scenario here - watch the birds feed while we're at the table, but no success yet. Might move our kitchen out to be under the tree ...

  2. You will notice that there are no photos from the kitchen table. That would men that I had to clean the windows first. A kitchen under the trees would be a great idea, all be it a little chilly at the moment.

  3. Hey cool. I've always meant to make one of those bird cakes with dripping and bird seed but it's one of those projects that I've never gotten around to. Are your bird visitors "regulars" or "drop ins"? (Can you tell?)

  4. I've always admired your bird feeder ~ Sorry didn't make this afternoon, Oscar had a afternoon sleep (very rare for him to do so) xx


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