Something New - My First Mini Quilt

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Following from my resolution to try something new, here is the my first mini quilt. Amongst something news are:
  • Diamond piecing -as I can't resist strip piecing at the best of times, I used diagonally cut strips.
  • Pearl cotton quilting -wonderfully quick and so brilliant.
  • Insert seams - I've lived in fear of them for years but really, they do get easier with practice. Perhaps I should have practised somewhere other than the final piece.
It was my first time in a doll quilt swap. I was blown away by the community around the whole swap. There were messages and encouragement galore. I'd certainly give it another try if I get a chance.

Also, now that I have had word that it has arrived, here is the finished quilt.

Mini finished

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  1. It's gorgeous. Was it difficult to piece?

  2. Holy Moly! It is GORGEOUS! I adore the colours and the quilting and the diamonds - wow! A beautiful mini quilt. I love it.

  3. Looks terrific -- love the fabric choices, the quilting is wonderful, all around great.

  4. You know I'm a big fan of mini-quilts and this one is no exception! I am LOVING it! I really love the blue and orange together. Lucky recipient!!

  5. Wow! That's beautiful! And I love the vintage fabrics - the orange and blue look great together!


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