Playing With the Timer - AKA my new top

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little E and I were exploring the timer on the camera a few weeks ago to take a photo of a sewing project. It turns out the top of the clothes horse is just the right height for self portraits. However I am the first to admit I like the shot from the next rail down a little more.

The top is a kwik sew pattern with a few extra inches added to the length. It is brilliantly comfortable, but does suggest that it would also make a versatile maternity top*. I think I will stick with the conventional length in the future.

*In case you were wondering or were about to call my mother, no, I have no need for maternity clothes.

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  1. LOVING the colour of your top ::))
    Wish I could sort out the timer on my camera so I could take cute pics of me and my girl xxx

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