Reading Journals for Kids

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our four year old has a reading journal. We have favourite books that are read over and over before we return them to the library. Often,months later, we can’t remember what it was or what was special about that particular one. That’s where the reading journal comes in.

We have taken to recording our favourites as they go back to the library*. Essential details, such as date, title and author are recorded and discussed. I quickly grab my pen as Little E and I talk about the book – what happened, what she liked, how the book made her feel. After adding a picture, the page is finished.

To make a reading journal you will need:

A blank notebook –It doesn’t have to fancy, or expensive, just special. Decorate it with something that appeals to owner – stickers, pictures or just a name special writing.

A reading book – It always helps to have the book there while you talk about it.

Something to make pictures with – The book isn’t a work of art, more a work of pride. Try to keep the artworks to just one page. If the owner feels they express themselves best with a scribble, let it happen. Add notes about what the scribble is if you get any such instructions, otherwise just let it be. It is their journal. If you want to, you could print out a thumbnail of the book’s cover to paste on the page too.

Time to listen – This is a precious bit of one on one time with your little reader. I think this might be what Little E loves the most about her journal. The parts of each book that stick in a little reader’s mind are not always the one’s you would pick yourself – be it the little dog on every page that you completely missed, or the anaconda that eats little children.

*Did I remember to mention that our library is awesome? It is staffed by this lovely lady . They run a summer reading program for kids, where the kids get to check in with their books and read one on one with the librarians. They also indulge in colouring in and stamps.

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  1. I love this so much, we are huge library fans and my 4 year old loves books. Would love to start something like this :)

  2. Great idea. I must begin something like this. We bring home piles of books from the library - I sometimes jot down favourites in my diary, but this is a great system. I have just the journal in mind. And, it will be great for sourcing other books by the same author (love the online catalogue!).

  3. So awesome Amy. I think my two would love these. Putting it on my Pintrest page right away!


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