Little Stitches, Big Changes

Sunday, December 18, 2011

This week I put the finishing touches on this embroidery. While it may appear to be a small thing, its completion marks the end of something bigger. This is the last piece that I will stitch on the train to work.

I am trading the commute that sees me leaving home at 6am only to return at 6pm, travelling almost 2hrs door to door, for a new job that is a mere 20 minutes up the road.

The kids are excited and my dearest is delighted. They met me in town on Thursday to help me pack up from work. With boxes in the car, we headed for home.

Before starting the new job, there are few adjustments to be made. I will eventually reset the alarm clock. It's 5:30 chirping on my first day off was more than unwelcome. On the other hand,while my body clock resets, I might just try and make the most of these few minutes of peace before the household wakes.

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