Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project Monogamy

wedding quilt detail

The wedding quilt is finished. It has only taken 6 years, but it is finished. Can you tell I have trouble sticking with just one project? I know I can do monogamy, but I find the crafty kind so very hard.

When I picked up the quilt again in February I made a commitment to finish it before I tackle anything else. It turned out to be a gruelling two months. Beautiful fabrics were singing their siren songs to me – something along the lines of “Leave that quilt alone. Come and stitch with me instead. You know I love you more. I promise I won’t make you pin me, stipple me, bind me.” It was hard, but this time I resisted.

Bricks and mortar detail 2

In my moments of justification, I think of my usual strategy as long term multitasking. When the muses leave me and my project, I simply switch to another. The inner justification telling me that I will return when that particular inspiration strikes again. I still manage to act surprised when I look around my sewing space and see so many unfinished projects.

I have friends who sew like me, with many projects in the works. While we are only ever working on projects we want to work on, the pile of unfinished works does not ever appear to diminish. Projects grind to a halt when we get to steps we don’t like or if gradually we have had enough of the fabrics we’ve chosen.

At the same time, I know others who feel quite out of control if they are working on more than one project. They diligently work on each quilt, start to finish, before starting another one. Perhaps they can see they are at the top of the slippery slope of becoming like everyone else.

I’d love to make a resolution to change. Resolutions rarely stick so instead I will just acknowledge that there are other ways to get things done. It is immensely satisfying to see something finished. I will just need to remind myself this next time those beautiful fabrics start calling my name.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Egg Hunters

Easter Egg Hunters 2011

The Easter Egg hunt was on at Mum's this weekend. Having learnt from our childhood adventures, the eggs were put out just before the hunt. My brother and I still remember, vividly, the time the hedgehogs beat us to the eggs. Miss H and Little E found all but one egg. We'll leave that one for next time.

Our Easter has been a nice mix of good weather, rugging-up weather, contemplation, celebration and family events. I hope yours was a good one too.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Busy Hands

keeping busy

We have been busy this weekend. There has been fabric pulled from the stash, photographed and ironed. It's all very normal except, this time it was not me.

Miss E was having a ball getting things ready for her imaginary projects while I was busy pinning out a quilt. I think sh might have something there with her firey pinks and purples.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And One For Me


My latest attempt at something new - reverse applique. I thought the reverse of this scarf* was looking a little drab and so I got to cutting it out. Granted, it is not the most technically advanced reverse applique - no needle turned edges here, but it is a start. Can I admit that I really enjoyed the running stitch join? I am tempted to try my hand at some Kantha embroidery at some point

scarf detail

* based on the design in Sewing Green by Betz White, review here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Better Than Bubble Wrap

My Mini from Isabel

My daughters are just as excited about the mail arriving as I am. When the postie came to our door on Friday with a registered parcel, Little E exclaimed:

"Maybe it's bubble wrap!"

My mini quilt has arrived. A big thank-you to Isabel of Portugal for this. The liberated patten and bright colours are just right.

My daughter were disappointed when I sent off my quilt and I'm not sure that they really believed me when I told them that there would be a whole new one coming. It will eventually go up on my wall. For now it has been commandeered into various games of sleeping and making houses under the computer desk. It's definitely better than bubble wrap.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Morning tea with the birds

bird feeder

Our bird feeder is outside the kitchen window. We can watch the birds eat while we have our morning tea. A line of nails along the top holds apple halves for pecking at. There is even a trough on top for bird friendly leftovers.

The autumnal glut of ripe apples means that there are many other bird attractions around town. Our feeder has become a case of trying to catch a cow with a piece of grass. The neighbours' dogs are quicker off the mark when we throw out our crusts, leaving the trough empty.

Still, we watch, wait and refill the feeder. Winter is closing in and I know the birds will come to visit us soon.

bird watcher

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something New - My First Mini Quilt


Following from my resolution to try something new, here is the my first mini quilt. Amongst something news are:
  • Diamond piecing -as I can't resist strip piecing at the best of times, I used diagonally cut strips.
  • Pearl cotton quilting -wonderfully quick and so brilliant.
  • Insert seams - I've lived in fear of them for years but really, they do get easier with practice. Perhaps I should have practised somewhere other than the final piece.
It was my first time in a doll quilt swap. I was blown away by the community around the whole swap. There were messages and encouragement galore. I'd certainly give it another try if I get a chance.

Also, now that I have had word that it has arrived, here is the finished quilt.

Mini finished