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Sunday, March 18, 2012

This was my first attempt at making an outfit for a big occasion since the incident with upcycled upholstery fabric. That experience left me with a dress split down the back, from zipper to hem for the most part of a ball. While a great conversation starter, not something I would care to repeat. This dress on the the other hand, remained intact, and has me thinking I could maybe try doing this again.

The fabric was a fantastic silk twill from Global Fabrics. I took it to the counter under the false impression that it was included in the sale. Even at full price, the dress came in at a little less than a bought one, and fit a whole lot better.

I'm also giving Pattern Review a try. You can find my first ever review over here.

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  1. Stunning dress! Well done. Better than a bought one.

  2. Love that dress....and your funny story too ;) xx

  3. Great neckline and the color is lovely!

  4. Yes it happens to me too - I buy fabric from Global at full price - sometimes you just have to, they buy small runs and when it's gone it's gone - can't always wait for the 40% off everything sale...

    very pretty dress - I love the way the fabric drapes - so beautiful.

  5. Lovely dress, and your garden looks great!!

  6. Lovely! What a gorgeous colour.


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