Small Indulgences - making bath bombs

Friday, March 09, 2012

As the first winter fires light up and our wetback* begins to bubble away, it's time to start thinking about hot baths. E and I have been making bath bombs. Fizzy baths get to be a treat. I will let you know when I get the recipe right. If you have already found one, please point me in the right direction. The ingredients were bought in such quantities that we wont be stopping at just one batch. So far we have learnt:

  • Silicon moulds make pretty shapes, but are really hard to pack tight. We won't use these again.
  • Cornstarch is sometimes listed in a recipe, but only seemed to make our bath murky. Will leave this out next time too.
  • Dried flowers look pretty when added to the mix, but area pain to clean up. There are much better uses for dried lavender.
  • Lavender and clove oil mix smells delicious and fizzes ever so delightfully.

*log fired hot water pipes

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