Little Red Coat

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have been admiring vintage children's coats for a while.  With the onset of winter it was time for me to set aside hesitation and give it a try.

This little coat is from a vintage Simplicity pattern 5122 - size 4.  A closer examination of the pattern shows this is from 1972.  I've stitched it up with some woollen tweed given to me well over 10 years ago and added velveteen to the welts and collar and brushed cotton lining.  I'm finding myself revisiting my stash of fabrics and instead of seeing A-line skirts, seeing a wardrobe full of little coats.

The pockets took a little practice.  After the trial run on some off cuts, it became apparent that precision was  going to be very important.  I'm loving the way they turned out and pleased I took the time to practice.

The cuffs are folded back as we have some growing to do before this fits perfectly.  I'm tempted to make some little velveteen and button ties to hold them in place.  I'm hoping there are few more winters in this coat yet.

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  1. I too am a huge fan of little woolem coats, nd have made quite a few for friends children in the past. I love trying different extures of wools, brocades and of course lush velvets and corduoys. Sad thing our weather in Australia doesn't quite call for the pea coat and they don't get to parade out too much but they make adorable wall candy. Lovely job, and looking forward to seeing many more! x Roberta

  2. I had a little red coat, much like that, when I was four. Loved that coat like mad. Your girl's so lucky!!

  3. This is soooo adorable!! Good on you!! Nothing better than a handmade coat!!! (very hard to come by!). Wish I could try that!


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