Cobblestones - A little history down the road

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 We are fortunate enough to live close to Cobblestones, the local settlers museum.  Every Monday night, I pack up my quilting and meet up with friends to sew there.  Occaisionally, as a family, we pack a picnic, take an walk and have an afternoon there.  Then on really special occasions, they have an activities day.

My kids run straight for the hospital.  This time I noticed the Florence Nightingale Pledge.  It's references to professional purity and abstinence from the deleterious had me chuckling.

We always have to check on the very tiny cottage.  Could you imagine 10 kids in a 4 very small bedroom house of about 40 square metres?

I love playing eyespy with industrial details - steering wheel mounted air conditioning, anyone? or going hunting for hand painted signs.

While it is open every day to the public, I look out for the special events, like this Sunday, when entry is free and the printing press is going.

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  1. that place looks cool, i'd love to see an old school printing press in motion x

  2. *sigh* just when I think I've seen NZ I find out I haven't seen it all . . . this looks like a seriously cool place to visit


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