Maudella Patterns

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I was fortunate enough to find these Maudella patterns in the op shop recently.  It was an introduction to the beauty of both Maudella and non printed patterns.  I had never heard of this brand but was delighted to hear about the cottage industry beginnings of this pattern  on the BBC website.  Who would have thought that a Yorkshire woman toiling in her attic would launch a whole company that lasted close to 50 years.  Apparently some of the appeal lay in the name. While Maudella does sound a little like a feigned french accent saying 'model', the name has more to do with the designer being called Maude.

I love the hand (or possibly machine) punched labels, tack marks and diamonds.  I look forward to making one of these someday soon as they are just the right size for Little E.  She tells me she likes the top left one the best.  This is not because she likes the stylish kick pleats, instead she really wants the high heels that the model has.

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  1. So gorgeous !! !! Oh yes my little one would get very excited over high heels too!

  2. Great find! I have some old pattern books I keep meaning to use them but Hazel isn't too sure about actually wearing things like that. She does tend to favour the ones with very short pleated shirts though!


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