Pop-Up Christmas Shop

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We love pop-up shops in our house.  Often there will be a book store, complete with scanners in the middle of the lounge.  Often, they will sell ice-creams and other treats from the car window.  While they are only pretend, I'm not sure whether to embark on the "stranger danger" or "drugs are bad, ok?" speech.  The Christmas shop above is the result of leaving a box of unhung decorations in the lounge.  How could you resist such exuberant shop assistants?

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  1. Do your pop-up shops charge exorbitant prices for things? They do in our house! Luckily the proprietors aren't very good at bargaining and will often force you to take an item for less than you are willing to pay for it.

  2. Super cute and no neither of mine have ever done a pop up shop but loving it


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