Thursday, May 31, 2012

Destined to be a Coat

Sometimes fabrics take a while to find their true calling.  Over 10 years ago I bought 2 metres of fantastic boiled wool fabric.  It was going to be a skirt for myself, possibly with some fancy embellishment on the hem and some sculptural cut outs.  If you had suggested that it would be great for my daughter's school coat, I would have laughed.  

Little E is loving this coat, complete with it's non-regulation floral brushed cotton lining and shiny buttons*.  We are still three weeks out from school, so the little badges are staying on the coat too, if only for a few weeks more.

*In a fit of tidying up, I can't find the pattern right now.  The pattern was a dream to sew so I will get the details soon.  I promise.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Miss Miss-Matched

Sometimes the littlest things can be deflating.  In this case I was all set to plough through some desperately needed winter sewing.  At least I thought I was all set, until I ran out of fabric the striped fabric above. Had I though about it, I would have cut with more care. It was only a small thing, but the wind was truly ripped from my sails and I just needed some time to think.

This dress was my first commission piece and I was so determined that it be perfect.  In the scheme of things, the fact that the orange sleeves are not a true match to the striped bodice does not matter, but in my mine it was hard to let go.

So finally, we have the dress, stitched and ready to go to its new home.  I look forward to catching glimpses of it around town and thinking that really Little Miss Miss-Matched is just right.