Thrifted Flocks and Chatters of Budgies

Monday, November 11, 2013

I may be many things, but a bird fancier I am not.  Instead I am content to admire these sweet and proper budgies.  I picked up the books from the local church fair for their illustrations.  

There's a certain poetry to the collective nouns of birds.  A chatter of budgies or even a chattering.  The canaries, I have been told, like to hang out in an aria or even an opera.  It has me wondering what names I would choose if given a chance to name, say, a group of collectors, sewers or thrifters? Given a weakness for simple alliteration I'm thinking perhaps a clutter of collectors, skein of sewers, and throng of thrifters.

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  1. Collective nouns are great aren't they! When our pug is mixing it up with his puggy mates they're called a grumble. :)


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